We are presenting your software and you want to revenge and make us more known? Or could we help you with our website and you want to give something back? You have several possibilities to link to us. On this page, we will provide you some opportunities. Above that, you can also link to arbitrary other pages and subpages of our site, for example to your software profiles.

Normal Text Links

Simply copy the code to your website and adjust the links and link text according to your needs if neccessary.

First example for a text link:



Link to a software profile:
ImageConverter on

You can adjust the name and the link to your profiles.


Link to your user or developer profile:
STT Media on

The name and the link can be adjusted to your profile.



Simply copy the code to your website. If neccessary, you can adjust the code to your needs.

Normal Banner 1 (256 x 55 Pixel):
Find the software that fits to you


Normal Banner 2 (256 x 55 Pixel):
Software and individual solutions for you


Banner to a software profile (256 x 55 Pixel):
ImageConverter on

Name and link can be adjusted to a software profile.


Banner to your user profile (256 x 55 Pixel):
My profile on

Name and link can be adjusted to your profile.



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