There are several ways you can benefit from as a software developer and you can use different possibilities to introduce your software and yourself on our website. Even if you are a developer of custom software, it is possible to use our portal to receive orders. In the following, you can see some of these options, you can take advantage of.

Submit your software for free

Everyone can register software in our database for free - even without a registration. The software can then be found by all visitors of our site by using the various search functions like text search or search in categories. Just use our submit form to submit your software. If you like, you can register for free to be able to submit software under your own name or the name of your company. With the registration, you have your own internal area, in which you can manage and change your software profiles at any time.

Set up a profile

After registration, you can create a profile for yourself or your company. In this profile, you can introduce yourself or your software, a list of your software can be shown and there are many options to adjust your profile individually. Likewise, it is also possible to hide your profile and your registration can only be used to manage your software entries without creating a profile for you. Of course, the profile is free and you can register here.

Write to us

If you have any questions or you are interested in our services or you would like to arrange something, just write to us. We will take care of your needs and we will gladly help you. Please use our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Take advantage of premium functions

Apart from the normal and free functions like your profile and your software entries, we thank our supporters and donors with additional functions. For example, you can select to create premium software profiles, which will be displayed favored or we can give you more liberties with the organization and design of your profile.

You can also book separate announcements for you and your software beyond the normal software profiles. In addition, we are always ready to expand our website with more options and features. If you are interested or you have some questions or suggestions, get in touch with us.

Offer individual software

In addition to existing software products, that can be found in our database, we are also providing custom software solutions. These are software solutions written for a customer. If you are a developer of individual software - whether as a company or an individual - and you want to receive some orders, feel free to write tos us.

Regularly, we get requests for individually programmed software and we are looking for developers who can execute those orders. In principle, we are looking for developers for all areas: Different operating systems, different programming languages, developers for computers, mobile devices or other devices. All further questions, we gladly clarify with you personally after you have written to us.