There are many ways you can actively participate in and how you can benefit from our portal. On this page, we want to introduce you to some of these opportunities, but we are always ready to deak with your personal desires and suggestions. We would be delighted to hear from you. Simply write to us via our contact form.

Your opinion counts

All users and visitors of this site are interested in your opinion. Therefore, on each software profile, there is the possibility to give a little comment or simply a positive or negative vote for the software. Just click on "Rate Software" under the header of the software profile or go to the bottom of the profile to leave a comment. You can also benefit from the comments and opinions of other users, if you want to choose a software. And only by this way, bad software can be deleted from our data base as fast as possible.

Submit software

Everyone can register software for free into our database. After that, the software can be found by using the different searching systems of our page like text search or search in categories. It does not play a role whether you are the developer of the software you want to register or you want to recommend a software, with which you have made good experiences. Simply use our submit form to make your entry. Of course, the entries are free and it is your choice whether you want to submit the software anonymously or you want to register before to write under your name or company.

Even if you register yourself as a developer, your profile is free. You can create a personal profile and manage your software entries with a central management. But as a developer, you can also enjoy other advantages and profit from additional options like premium software profiles. More about the opportunities as a developer, you can read in the developer portal.


Our goal is to provide our software listing in many languages. Only by going this way, our page can also be made accessible for humans who can not understand one of the selected languages. Help with this!

You can become active at two levels: on the one hand, you can translate any software entry in a different language. On the top of each software profile directly below the name, you can see the link "Languages and Translation", which leads to the page where you can translate the profile. Usually, this is not much effort. On the other hand, you can also participate in the translation of the entire page. If you want, we can mention you or your company at an appropriate place for that. Even translating small parts is a valuable contribution from you and many people will be grateful for that because otherwise the language barrier would allow them no access to the ressources. More information and an overview of what is to do currently, you can get in this overview or in our language portal.


Even if you want to participate financially in our ongoing costs, such as for the servers, maintenance and programming of the page, you can do so. Even small amounts help us and for larger sums, we are gladly prepared to present your name or the name of your company on our page. Please use our PayPal account or you can use our contact form for questions or to ask for our bank account.