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Why should I register?

As a registered user, you can enjoy many advantages - both as a software developer as well as a software enthusiast, who does not want to offer own programs. First, you can do all of your activities like comments or software profiles under your own name. This can particularly be of advantage for developers, because you can manage and change your entries as often as you want and you get an overview of the popularity of your products.

If you like, you can also create a profile, in which you can introduce yourself and your software. Of course, all of these possibilities are free for you and you can show and hide your profile and your software entries like you want.

Who is allowed to register?

Everyone is allowed to register. You do not have to be a software developer and also the creation of a profile or software entries is optional and not necessary. Therefore, you can also use your registration only to write comments on software.

Can I use any premium features?

If you support us, either financially or through your active participation on our website (translating or something like that), we are willing to unlock some premium features in your profile. For example, you can get more design options or we can give you the opportunity to display your software entries preferentially.