We do not want to exclude someone from our portal and we want to be there for everyone. Therefore, we want to translate our site gradually in more and more languages. Our initial objective are the most frequently encountered languages on the Internet. On this page you will learn all about this topic, and where you can help. In the last section, you can read how we can thank you for your work.

International Software Profiles

Software profiles can be multilingual. On each software profile, directly under the name of the software, the link "Languages and Translation" can be found. If you follow this link, you can find an overview in which you can see in which languages the software profile is available and which languages can be created. From this overview you can go to the profile of the same software in another language or you can select one of the non-existing languages and click on "Translate" to translate the profile.

After you have used the "Translate" button, the form to submit new software will be opened with all the information and texts of the software from the last selected language. So, all key data such as categories and download values can be used from the original profile and only the texts have to be transfered from the old language to the new one. Therefore, a translation does not take much time. If you like and you can find a profile that is not available in your language, you are welcome to translate some profiles. You can do that without being registered, but as a registered user, you get points for it.

International User Profiles

Your user profile can be created in several languages, too. To create multilingual user profiles, log in and go to the bottom of your internal page. There you can find an explaination of how to change your user profile and how to add other languages. If a visitor of this page comes to your profile in a language you have created a profile for, this profile will be shown to the user. Otherwise, if the requested language is not available, an overview of all possible languages will be shown.

Help to translate the web site

We want to translate our portal into many languages, so that nobody has disadvantages because of his language. And you can help! In our language portal, you are always kept up to date what to do and where you can help at the moment. Furthermore, if you should have any ideas or suggestions, please write to us. Look at the last section of this page to see, how you can benefit from your help.

In the first step we want to translate the page into the most used languages on the internet. These languages are German, English, French, Spanish, Korean and Chinese. Therfore, all of the texts of this website - including this one - have to be translated into each of these languages. Some translations have been completed, others are in progress or not yet started. More information on the current state, you can get in the language portal. If the translations in these languages have been finished, we will think about other languages that can be added.

Take advantage of your help

If you are helping us actively with the translation of the website or if you help us in any other way (for example by making a donation), we are willing to thank you for your help and support. For example, we can unlock premium features if you are registered or we can put a link to your company on our site. If, for example, you are a translator or translation agency, we can put a link to your website at all the pages that you have translated. If you are interested in such a cooperation or if you should have any questions, feel free to write to us.