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Astrolog is a very extensiv, free program for calculating and interpreting horoscopes and horoscope charts. The program includes aspects, wheels, midpoints, Arabic parts, asteroids, Uranians, fixed stars, relationship and influence charts, constellations, transits, dispositors, progressions, possibilities for interpretation, the creating of graphics, local horizon, 15 house systems and 8400 year ephemeris.


  • Calculation of the positions of the Sun through Pluto and the house cusps, Chiron and the four main asteroids, Lilith, the eight Uranian planets, over fourty fixed stars and over 170 Arabic parts and their formulas.
  • Relationship charts (Synastry, Composite, Natal, Weighted, Time space midpoint charts) as well as display of the elapsed time between charts, aspects and midpoint grids and lists.
  • Transit and progression features: Secondary progressions and solar arc progressions, transits to natal planets within orb in influence order, exact times of transits, transits to house cusps, times of solar, lunar and other returns, lunar phases, season changes and aspects of transit planets
  • Interpreting features of transits and midpoints, natal positions and natal aspects, transiting aspects and sign and direction changes, synastry charts and aspects and midpoints between charts.
  • Biorhythm charts and calendars can be displayed
  • Standard Wheel (Natal Chart), Bi Wheel (Comparison and Transit Charts), Tri Wheels and Quad Wheels.
  • Display formats: generic position listing, wheel charts, biorhythm charts, Hindu or Vedic charts, aspect and midpoint grids, Yods, aspects and midpoints sorted by influence and position, local horizon positions on a world globe, constellation globe with squere and astronomical constellations, times of planets rising and setting, solar system orbit charts, Gauquelin (36 vectors and plus zones), crossings, monthly and yearly calendars and ephemeris tables (plot of position and time).
  • Calculation of parallel and contraparallel aspects, harmonic charts, Decan and Navasma positions, tropical and sidereal zodiacs, heliocentric and around other planets centered charts, solar charts with objects on Ascendant or Midheaven as well as calculating the position relative to the ecliptic or the equator and the calculation of local horizon positions in prime vertical coordinates.
  • Export of the graphics in the formats BMP, X11, Windows Metafile and PostScript.

Walter D Pullen
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Windows, Mac, Linux, Others
DOS, Unix



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