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Celestia is a three-dimensional astronomy program that allows you to move freely and at any speed through the universe. The perspective can be determined freely, so that looks at small space stations are possible as well as views on entire galaxies. The time can be set freely, so that you can look into the future and the past. Even NASA and ESA are using the program for demonstration purposes.

The program contains about 120,000 stars from the Hipparcos Catalogue (HIP), but it can also be expanded by extensive addons. A total of over 18 GB of data is available to expand the program. Celestia shows the orbits of moons, planets, asteroids, comets, satellites and can display lots of additional information. It can show you information on all objects such as distances, the length of a day of a planet, surface temperatures or the names of galaxies, stars, moons, cities, craters, mountains and lakes. The program also contains a solar eclipse and lunar eclipse calculator to compute all darknesses until the year 9999.

The large amount of extensions contains, for example, high resolution textures of the earth, the moon and other planets, so that you can have an even closer and more detailed look at the planets. Also 3D representations of mountains or buildings or scientific and political maps of the corresponding locations can be added. With this, for example, you can show the distribution of gravity. With other extensions, you can show 2000 other galaxies and two millions of other stars. All space missions can be reconstructed by loading the corresponding trajectory of satellites and space shuttles.

Other enhancements include certain routes through the universe with appropriate documentations or the most famous locations from Star Trek and Star Wars. Also, screenshots or videos of the scenes can be saved.






Freeware - Open Source, GPL Licence


Windows, Mac, Linux



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