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Lazarus is a free development enviroment (IDE), which is very similar to Delphi. Both the structure of the program as well as units, classes and components like buttons, checkboxes, and other elements correspond to  the variant in Delphi and even have the same names. So it is easy for most programs developed in Delphi, to shift them to Lazarus.

The only differences to Delphi are also the benefits of Lazarus. The platform-independent programming and the 64-bit support, for which the Delphi users are waiting for a long time, are already integrated in Lazarus. So the source code of a program written with Lazarus can be easily and quickly compiled on the systems Windows, Mac and Linux. So, you cam produce software for each system without great effort. Only using platform dependend functions such as the Windows API, which do not have a correspondence on each platform, can make it a little bit complicated to write platform independent source codes, but Lazarzs offers compiler switches for this.

Supported architectures

Lazarus can create software for the architectures PowerPC, PowerPC64, ARM, AMD64 and IA-32. With this, it supports nearly all common computer architectures used today.


In general, Lazarus is a graphical user interface for the 32Bit and 64Bit compiler FreePascal.

Development of commercial software

Also the development of commercial software is possible with Lazarus, because the own components are licensed under the LGPL. But you should be carefully, because the standard installation also includes some advanced components, that can have another licence. Here you have to look at the licence of each component separately.




English, German


Freeware - GPL or LGPL Lizenz


Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile/Pocket, Others
Windows Mobile, OS/2, Unix, Linux, BSD, MorphOS, NetWare, DOS, GameBoy Advance, Symbian OS, Palm OS



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