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If you activate the Pipette, and you keep the mouse button pressed and scroll over your screen, all colors from documents, web sites and images under your mouse will be displayed in different color models. If you do not press the mouse button any more, the last color will stay and you can use them in an arbitrary program - for example a graphics program or in your CSS editor. Of course, you can also adjust the color before using it.

Supported Color Models

Beyond standard color models like RGB, CMYK, HSV and CMY also exotic and more unknown models like XYZ or TColor are available. The last used colors will be saved in a list, so that you can call back the colors again. If you want, you can also save a list of some colors on your computer which makes it possible to load the list again later

This handy tool can be a great helper for each graphic or web designer. Another point is, that it is a portable tool, so that no installation is required and it can be used from any USB drive and any disk on your computer.

  • Extract colors from every image, every website and every document
  • Adjust the colors like you want and save color lists of your favourite colors
  • Copy the colors directly to the clipboard to use them in other applications

Stefan Trost Media
Software by this Author


27.05.2011 by Stefan Trost Media
Last Update: 18.08.2016


English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Dansk


Freeware - If you like the tool, you are welcome to donate something.


Windows, Mac, Linux



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