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At the moment, you can find inter alia the following software programy by Stefan Trost Media on this page:

  • Text Converter for changing, rewriting and editing of several text files at the same time
  • Image Resizer to reduce or enlarge multiple images
  • Sudoku for playing at the computer or printing out
  • Pipette to get any color on your screen from images, websites or documents to use them in other contextes
  • Filelist Creator to create lists of your files in text, image or HTML format with individual information
  • Image Converter to edit, adapt, adjust and convert lots of images and pictures at once
  • Index Author to automatically create keyword or file directories from texts and documents
  • Unit Converter to converter and compare more than 4500 units from 15 thematic areas
  • Print My Fonts to get an overview over all of your fonts
  • File Renamer to rename multiple files automatically
  • Text Images to write texts on images, for examples for the headings of your homepage
  • Clipboard Saver to automatically edit and save text and image contents of your clipboard
  • Easy MP3 Player just to enjoy your music
  • Word Creator to create random words and to count characters and syllables from texts
  • Answer Coach to learn for your next examination

In general, software by Stefan Trost Media will be introduced and explained in detail on

Stefan Trost Media develops software for Windows and for the Internet. Coincidental, Stefan Trost Media cares about all other associated areas and tasks such as Web design, software design, optimization and consulting. Besides the software applications and tools featured on this website, Stefan Trost Media also develops small and large individual programs for companies and home users.

Windows Software and individual Solutions

Some Windows applications by Stefan Trost Media, you can find in the box on the right of this page. By following the links, you can directly go to the appropriate download pages. In addition, Stefan Trost Media also created individual solutions for companies or individuals. For example, expansions of existing programs, tools for automation or to simplify processes or other individual and completely tailored solutions are possible. If you want to learn more about the possibilties or you want to order a program, you are welcome to contact.

Web Applications and Webdesign

Stefan Trost Media also cares about your private or commercial homepage and the programming of applications for the Internet. For instance, also the page was completely programmed, designed and optimized by Stefan Trost. Thereby, the assumed tasks can be clarified individually. Would you just like to have the design? Should an existing homepage be replaced or improved? Do you only need the technology and the design is already there or must be implemented? We gladly advise you. Simply write to us.

Tipps, Tests and Tutorials

Beyond its other activities, Stefan Trost also writes for the area Tipps, Tests and Tutorials as an editor. An overview over all articles by Stefan Trost can be found on this page.