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With the Text Converter, you have a powerful tool in your hand. The software allows almost any possible changes on multiple text files. The program is ideal suited to perform changes on several files from your website or other file collections. Files can be simply added to the program via drag and drop and sorted by several criteria. After that, you can select actions that are directly visible in the preview. So you can immediately decide if you want to save the files or they must be processed differently.

The tool provides a great number of possibilities. For example, you can perform multiple replacements simultaneously (also with regular expressions and over multiple lines) based on specific criteria in the text. Also, single lines can be edited freely and individually. The inclusion of any text can be automatically made ​​on a specific location of the text files. Also this function as any other action allow multiple insertions. Certain text or specific rows can be deleted automatically. With the HTML actions, the tool provides the ability to remove certain HTML tags, rename named entities or link web pages or e-mail addresses. You can also adjust the upper and lower case writings as desired, combine multiple text files or split several files at a specific location according to certain criteria (including regular expressions) and save them as individual files. Furthermore, you can use constants in texts and apply transcriptions and transliterations. There are already a large amount of options available by default such as rewriting of Greek, Cyrillic, Japanese, Arabic or other characters, but you can also create any other customized transliteration or transcription with your own characters.

A further possibility is to change the file format. So you can change an arbitrary set of files into any file format such as Unicode UTF-8, UTF-16, or UTF-32 with or without BOM or you can save your files directly in the apropriate format. This can be neccessary, for example, if you want to rewrite the files of your homepage to UTF-8. Without the Text Converter, this would be very much work. Another change, the software can carry out for you, is changing the line break. Because different systems such as Windows, Linux or Unix use different line breaks and Unicode has defined its own ones, it is sometimes necessary to change the line break in multiple files.

In addition to these opportunities, the Text Converter offers lots of other features for using and managing text files. For example, you can rewrite the file names or you can search for characters or strings in all files you have currently loaded. So, you can limit the editing of files to only the files, that have several strings and criteria in it. Another feature, the On-The-Fly conversion can be very useful. With this feature, you can rewrite a text without loading any file. Simply copy a text to the tool and you can carry out some changes.

  • Changing and editing of multiple text files at the same time
  • Converting files in many Unicode formats
  • Many additional features make the process simple and easy

Stefan Trost Media
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06.06.2011 by Stefan Trost Media


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