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The free tool Unit Converter enables you to convert units. After you have specified a value in an arbitrary unit, the program calculates the corresponding values of other units. It is possible to compare two or three units or to display a list of all available units from a category such as length, volume or shoe sizes. Depending on what exactly you want to calculate, one or the other representation would be the best choice.

Overall, the tool supports 4500 units in 33 categories. Beside the normal units, also a lot of exotic, antique or special units are available. To keep track of the program, a filter feature is offered that allows you to directly find your desired unit. In addition to the available units, any custum user-created units can be added, too. Moreover, any prefixes such as nano-, milli-, kilo- can be added to the units which makes it possible to convert for example centimeters to nanometers or something like that. Furthermore, you can define the formating of the values freely (for example scientific notation, decimal places, and so on). That makes sense, because the values can be copied to the clipboar with one click to use them in other applications in your desired format.

The 33 available categories are length, area, volume, mass, density, temperature, time, speed, acceleration, volume flow, kitchen measurements, information and storage, quantity, shoe size, energy, power, force, torque, pressure, frequency, electromotive force, electric current, electric charge, electrical resistance, luminous intensity, luminance, illuminance, radiation activity, radiation exposure, absorbed dose, radiation equivalent doese, angle and amount of substance. A list of all available units can be found on this page.

  • Convert 4500 units from 33 categories
  • Create user defined customized units
  • Compare units in your desired way
  • Copy values in a user defined format to the clipboard

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01.06.2011 by Stefan Trost Media
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