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If you are designing websites or you are creating documents or images, you often need some colors from other documents, pictures or web pages. The long way to get these colors is by using screenshots and a graphics program, but it can be much more easier without that. We show you how to do that.

Download the tool and start

First of all, you need a small tool called Pipette. This tool works without an installation and you can get it for free.

Pick up colors easily

ScreenshotA screenshoft of this software can be seen beside this text. Now, you click on the button "Pipette" and let your mouse key pressed. If you move your mouse over your screen with the pressed mouse key, all colors under your mouse from images, documents or web pages will be displayed. If you free the mouse key, the last color will be kept and you can use this color.

Representation of colors

The colors are displayed in all common color models like CMYK, HSV or RGB. You only have to click on the small button behind the color to copy the color code into your clipboard, so that you can use it in any graphics or webdesign application on your computer. In the settings, you have also the possibilitiy to change the formatting in your individual way, so that the color will be copied to your clipboard in your desired format.

Change and adjust colors

Even if you want to change the colors before using them, you can use the program Pipette. You can simply use your mouse wheel to adjust the values or you can enter own values to change the colors and to get the color you want.

All colors you have used appear in the list on the right side of the program. So, you can always go back to old colors and you can use the tool to store some colors. It is also possible to save and load this list, so that you can use the color list again. So you can create a color sheme of frequently used colors and load them every time you want to use them.

Further information

Here we have some other websites with further information about colors and color systems.



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